Nowadays it is very common to witness the opening of multiple establishments (shops, restaurants, businesses) that are franchised.

For this to be accomplished it is signed the so-called "franchise contract". Through this contract are regulated the wills, obligations and rights of parties, the franchiser and the franchisee.

In the franchise contract shall be written the essential terms of the legal relationship, which includes: duration of the contract, economic conditions, use of the mark, conditions and supply requirements, authorized suppliers, exclusives area, consequences in case of default, buyout clauses, etc.

In “MGR Lawyers” we will help you to negotiate those elements of the contract with the franchisor and analyze each of the clauses of the contract so that none of them would harm the interests of the franchisee, especially those clauses that may be abusive and harm the profitability of the business.

We will also provide you all the essential prior legal information before starting contract negotiations.

During duration of the contract we will help you in the protection of your contractual rights and we will advise you on the implementation of the obligations that you have acquired with the signing of the franchise contract.

Once the contract is finalized, we will show you the right way to get in the very end of the contract either it is caused because of its term or because of its default. In this action is included the negotiation and the defence of your interests and rights in front of the franchisor or in front of the courts.

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