Recently , the Banks have sold multiple products of high complexity that people who do not have a financial or legal knowledge do not understand and therefore can be easily damaged. Examples are the base (floor) clauses in mortgages, preferred shares, the purchase of shares, ask for personal loan or a loan for professional practice ... etc.

In “MGR Lawyers” we have trained lawyers who can advise and assist you in your "relationship with the Bank" including help on choosing or not choosing banking products and explaining those so complicated clauses which the banking contracts include very often. We advise you on banking recruitment, specializing in extrajudicial claims for improper banking practices and legal proceedings against bad banking practice carried out by banks in the process of marketing their banking products, more specially:

Legal Advices and Leading you at:

  • Extrajudicial sales of mortgaged properties.
  • Enforcement of money sanction.
  • Extrajudicial payment arrangements.
  • Claims for poor banking advice, and poor management of investment portfolio.
  • Restructurings and insolvencies.
  • Debt restructurings and refinancing.
  • Base Clauses in Mortgages /Clauses Floor
  • Mortgage Law/li>

Legal advice on banking contracts:

  • Consulting before contracting any banking product including advising on the risks assumed by contracting each of the offered products by your Bank.
  • Advice on consumer banking, leasing, renting, credit cards, mortgage and consumer finance, asset financing ...
  • Complaints to the ombudsman of the banks and the ombudsman of the Bank of Spain.

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