The death of a family member brings not only a very delicate personal moment but always has important implications in the legal field that directly affects the closest persons to the deceased.

The legal aspects that are involved in the hereditary succession always have a great relevance on the heritage manner and fiscally/tax manner. This often leads to the heirs or legatees of the deceased to be immersed in a series of legal procedures that they were not even aware of their existence or they just haven’t knowledge of the way to solve them correctly.

“MGR Lawyers” will help you to solve these problems by proposing you different legal solutions for them.

The difficult moment that must pass the family once the person has died can be made easier to carry on by the preparation of Final will or any other document of the existing legal instruments, such as donations. Our law firm will also help you in this area.

MGR offers you the following services related to final wills and inheritance:

  • Advice on what kind of Final will is the appropriate in any particular case.
  • Consulting and writing the Final will and the hereditary distribution than the same will contain.
  • Notarial Assistance.
  • Information on economic and fiscal impact that it will have on the heirs or legatees, both the income tax and inheritance tax.
  • Acceptance and allocation of inheritance
  • Claim legitimacy
  • Obtaining the death certificate of final wills and the copy of the Final Will
  • Minimize the inheritance tax
  • Death without a will (intestate heirs Declaration/Certificate)
  • Give liquidity to the inherited assets/heritage
  • Legal claim to accept the inheritance
  • Experts in the negotiation between heirs
  • Registration in both Commercial and Property Registries when it is necessary
  • We also offer legal advice for making donations (living heritage in live for free)

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